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We Go Way Back

March 30, 2015

joshua tree cake on the floorjoshua tree cake on the floorjoshua tree cake on the floorjoshua tree cake on the floorjoshua tree cake on the floorHey Everyone! Meet Sarah! Sarah, meet everyone! Ok now that my¬†enthusiastic introduction is over, I can get to telling you about this girl. Sarah Steele is my bestie. This past year we celebrated 25 years of friendship. I know, I know…you’re all thinking how freaking old is she? Well, I’ll tell you. She is 60! Doesn’t she look amazing?! Just kidding. We just turned 30 and we met when we were five. But here’s hoping we look EXACTLY the same in 30 years. ūüėČ And guess what else is crazy, we’ve lived in separate states since 8th grade. That’s 16 years of long distance friendship! I don’t think we’ve¬†ever let more than a week go by without talking on the phone. No joke. She knows everything about me and the opposite is also true. ¬†To say I love this girl is an understatement and I honestly can’t imagine my life without her. When we were little we dreamed of working together. There was a florist shop, a non-profit to save the world, an art gallery, a¬†candle company and basically whatever¬†else our seven year-old hearts could dream up. Fast forward to 2015 and behold the power of the internet and technology! We’ve figured out a way to work together and it’s called! This blog will include posts from each of us and collaborative works. There will be no topic off limits and we will be coming up with some super rad content to share with you. Are you excited yet? Oh good! I’m so glad to hear you are excited! Me too! This is going to be so fun. I love you guys. Too mushy? Ok, I’ll tone it down a notch. Sorry, I’m just thrilled to be working with my BFF! Because seriously, we go way back.

XO – Kristina Wunsch

*These images were taken by me (Poppi Photography) at Joshua Tree National Park for Sarah’s 30th birthday. I WANT TO GO BACK!