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When In Doubt, Hike It Out

April 30, 2015

Day Hikes Ventura Country, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA,Day Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA,Day Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeDay Hikes Ventura Country, California, Cake on the Floor, LA, WA, Wilderness, Explore, NikeLast weekend I flew down to California to reunite with my beautiful partner in crime, Sarah (The other half of team COTF). As we planned for my visit we talked about what we’d like to do while I was in town, and on the very top of our list was hiking/exploring. With Sarah’s “Day Hikes Around Ventura County” book as our guide we decided on the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve Victory Trailhead for our adventure. I was particularly in awe, as the landscape was so different from my usual PNW scene. Wildflowers, tall blonde grasses and far reaching views were bountiful as we strolled across the new terrain. At the top of one hill we found wild sage and plucked a few leaves to breath in the aroma, leaving us feeling grateful for life’s simple pleasures. I truly admire people who had the sense to keep vast spaces reserved for our enjoyment and gents like John Muir who so eloquently describe the experience.

Here are some hikes that I have completed in Washington State and some I want to visit in the future:

1. Paradise, Mt. Rainier

2. Spider Lake, Olympic Peninsula

3. High Rock, South Cascades

4.  Steamboat Rock, Central Washington

5. Similkameen Trail, Eastern Washington



Sarah Post

My Night With Nike

April 29, 2015

Spam is ever present in everyones inbox. So generally, like most, when I see anything from a retail store or an unknown email address, it immediately goes in the TRASH. However, Nike holds a special place in my partially Oregonian heart, so I at least have to give a peep to every email they send.

When I opened one inviting me to apply to participate in the Nike Women/ N+TC in DTLA (Nike Training Club in Down Town Los Angeles) I instantly wanted in. Not just because I wanted to be in a Nike event, or because I wanted a swag bag, but because I’m not a runner! And most of Nike’s events are focused on their running demographic.

Full of wonder about what seemed to be a fairly secret event, I soon discovered that everything I thought was going to happen, wasn’t. And things I never thought would happen totally did. If you read no further, please take this away from my experience: TRY NEW THINGS & STAY TILL THE END.

As I arrived in workout wear at 6:30pm to the LA Convention center, I soon realized I wouldn’t be stepping foot inside the building. Herded onto shuttle buses, we were all whisked away to another part of town and dropped off outside to brave, what was for Angelenos, a very cold night. The check in process was pretty tech savvy as I had my phone scanned for admittance, which then turned my ticket into my schedule for the evening. I was then handed a neon lime fanny pack and pre-filled water bottle, then sent to bag check. After reluctantly handing over my jacket (I was an idiot and wore leather since I thought I wouldn’t need it and we’d be inside, but couldn’t even begin to feel sorry for myself when I saw a few ladies shivering in compression shorts) I set off to explore the layout. An open air FLYWheel spin room, PREVAIL boxing den, Nike apparel store, inspiration walls to sign your name, GROOV3 dance studio, NRC sprint training set ups, POUND rhythm room, DJ’s mixing everywhere, there was a lot to take in! After quickly getting a feel for my surroundings, I headed to the main stage for group opening workout. Chatting with my fellow workout partners while we waited for the big beginning, I discovered that what I thought was a “Women’s Only” event was totally open for our male pals to participate in. Many of us ladies upon hearing this news (from the guy I bluntly asked “how did you get into this event?”) began texting boyfriends and spouses to let them know to be ready for next year. Over the sound system we heard a countdown begin, then bright lights, athlete and trainer introductions, and all of a sudden the music was blasting and we were all in the midst of squats, lunges, and jumps! But when the voice instructed us to get down to plank, everyone around me, myself included, started cracking up. We were shoulder to shoulder! But we tried to get creative, making a water bottle pyramid to avoid impaling each other with fly aways, and positioned ourselves in some crazy patterns. A few downward dogs later and we had completed the first 30min workout and got a little firework show in reward. Then everyone scattered like ants to get to their next class.

I was unaware going in that there were different groups, and each group had a different class set to your group’s goal. I was in the GET STRONG group, and my next session was Nike Training Club, held in the same location as the opening event. More jumping, lunging, squatting, clapping, crunching, planking, and pushups were on the menu and after the 30 mins were up, I was grateful my schedule called for REST & REFRESH. It was 9:30pm by the time I walked through Stretch Studio and into the WholeFoods sponsored food tent. Quinoa and veggie bowls, fruit with cucumber bowls, and Suja smoothies and juices were provided to keep us nourished for the next rounds. I was joined at my table by some great girls from the San Francisco Nike Women’s Store and we ate a chatted about which groups we were in and what classes we were headed to next.

Myself and a few of the others had boxing, so onto the PREVAIL den we went. Walking in, you couldn’t miss the ring in the center and I was glad to find out that non of us would be sparring that night, however this class was my overall favorite of the event. We were divided into groups and put through endurance, coordination, and strength drills as well as able to strap on some gloves and get some punches in! I was sweating like crazy by the end of it but completely re-energized! I think there will definitely be some more punches thrown by yours truly in the future, it was SO much fun and most importantly SO effective! I was still sore two days later.

My last workout for the night couldn’t have been more perfect. The instructors for the GROOV3 dance studio were the most energetic, infectious, pumped up, good vibes crew you could ever ask for! They were so animated teaching us the steps and routine and I was so impressed that after teaching all night long, they were giving us EVERYTHING at 11pm! After shaking our tails and swerving our hips, a split the room dance off brought the night to an end.

I’ll be honest, I debated skipping the finale and just getting a head start on the shuttle bus line, but something in me said “See it all the way through!”, so off to the main stage I went. More lights, music, and lots of lady action on stage broke into an amazing performance by the POUND drum fitness girls! That was definitely the class I most wanted to try after the night was over. A few more fireworks shot off and then when an onstage dance party begun, I knew it was time to hightail it to bag check and head home to a hot shower.

Midnight as I stood in line waiting, I looked to my right and was face to face with a huge social media and Pilates inspiration of mine, Cassey Ho! Cassey is well known for starting POP Pilates, and I admire her for consistently creating fun Pilates routines to share with her followers as well as speaking out against body shaming in the media (she got Target to apologize for a thigh gap photo!). I seized the moment and said hello (even though I smelled like someone who had been working out all night) and she was kind enough to take a moment a snap a picture with me! The Pilates instructor in me was giddy.

On the shuttle ride back I riffled through my swag bag, discovering a Nike gift card, Nike earrings, free class coupons to each of the fitness studios featured that night, as well as a Class Pass and treats from Vega Sport, Nuun, Kind, MuscleAidTape, and GlamSquad. Overall, I was so glad I had signed up for and stayed for the whole event. Not only did I get a great workout and goodie bag, but I got to be surrounded by a bunch of likeminded energy and meet a personal inspiration of mine! I will definitely sign up again next year, just this time with friends…and a sweater.

Xx – Sarah

cake on the floor, nike women, LA, california, pilatescake on the floor, nike women, LA, california, pilatescake on the floor, nike women, LA, california, pilatescake on the floor, nike women, LA, california, pilates

Sarah Post

Shoes (sometimes) Mandatory

April 22, 2015

As a Pilates gal myself, shoes aren’t really a part of my workout wardrobe. In my domain, barefoot is best! But Pilates isn’t all I do, and with my top secret N + TC Tour LA event around the corner, it was time to make some assessments on my current kicks.

Realizing the ragged condition my dog walking, elliptical stomping, bike riding sneakers were in, I set out for a shiny new pair!! Here’s what I ended up with, accessories and all, as well as some tips for you on how to get the most out of your fitness footwear. Shoe game on point…

Xx – Sarah

1. Laces Out: I was in the market for a cross trainer & these Nike FREE 5.0 fit the bill. Incredibly light weight, I’m looking forward to how easy these will be to pack on future trips, and they fit my foot like a comfy sock! But the tip I want to share with you is how to improve the fit of your shoe by how you lace them up:

Option 1: Blisters Beware! The grey laces make for a snug fit to help hold your heel in place and absorb some of the impact to your foot. This can help reduce blisters caused by a shimmying sock. To do it, start with basic lace up (the way your shoes should come from the store), but when you get to the last hole, pass the opposite lace through the SAME hole the exiting lace is already in. Once you’ve criss crossed both sides, you can pass the lace through the loop now created on each side and make a knot.

Option 2: Let Me Breath! For those of us that need a little more room to wiggle our toes, the green laces show how you can relieve pressure across the forefoot, allowing the toes more room. This one is much easier to achieve, start by crossing the lace over the top, come up through the 2nd hole, go down through the 3rd hole (same side), then cross to opposite side and come up through 4th hole, cross over and come up through the 5th hole. Done!cake on the floor2. Chapped Heels: If you’re shoes fit great but you still find blisters to be a bitch, your skin might be getting too dry. Instead of slathering something toxic on your skin, try this fantastic alternative! Waxelene is an all natural petroleum jelly alternative that I use for long distance cardio. Apply a generous amount to clean, dry heels and toes before putting on your socks.cake on the floor3. Hang Me Out To Dry: Now some level of moisture wicking is important, and for strenuous activities a non-cotton sock is best. The navy Nike Dry Fit socks are my favorite for sports activities, while the Lorna Jane Sport Socks have a little more cushion which I appreciate for my daily dog walks. Both have a small lip in the back to help prevent heels blisters.cake on the floor4. Ouch Happens: Sometimes there’s just no avoiding a cut or blister on your foot, but that should never make you feel like you have to sit out on your activities! I always have these Band-Aid Activ-Flex bandages on hand to banish discomfort in an instant! They’re hypoallergenic, latex free, and have saved my feet more than once.cake on the floor

Kristina Post

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane

April 14, 2015

I'm Leaving On A Jet PlaneI'm Leaving On A Jet PlaneI'm Leaving On A Jet PlaneI'm Leaving On A Jet PlaneIt’s a grey day here in the PNW and to beat the overall gloomy vibe, I started to think about what I wanted to pack for my upcoming trip to California. Can you say…Sunshine?! Those magical rays of light really do it for me. I’m sure most of you Washington dwellers feel the same and are ready for a healthy dose of vitamin D. GAH! Is it summer yet? I have all these cute things just sitting in my closet so patiently. Just waiting and waiting and waiting to be worn. When the sun doesn’t come to you, YOU GO TO THE SUN.

As a photographer, I work for clients 99% of the time and I rarely take the opportunity to make images for myself. This is why this blog is rocking my world. I just photographed my wardrobe around my yard for fun! All of the pieces you see here I have purchased at LOLA Lifestyle Boutique. LOLA Lifestyle Boutique is a shop here in Olympia, WA where I live. (Don’t worry, she sells almost everything online too!) Stevie, the owner has impeccable taste and get ready for a compliment overload once you wear something from LOLA! I also added what brand each item is below.

Here is what I love about each item 1-8.

1. L*Space This bathing suit is kind of awesome for pale ladies such as myself. Turns out if you are pale and wear white, you look tanner! I swear it’s true! I need all the help I can get in that arena, so white for the win. Also, I LOVE the braided back.

2. Wonderland Sun Does anyone else get a headache from eye wear? I sure do. Lucky for me I found these shades and haven’t ever felt that annoying pressure above my ears. Not only are they comfortable, they make you look like you’re ready to be stalked by the paparazzi.

3. Some Days Lovin Kimono with macrame! What else do you need for L.A.? Laid back and chic has me ready for a night out.

4. Yerse I jumped on the hat train and I’m never getting off. I’ve bought three hats at LOLA since they opened. Who am I kidding? I have four hats! Hats can be kind of pricey, but with Lovely Bird you can look adorbs and not brake the bank.

5. LOLA Life Style Boutique The bracelet and ring combo is one of my favs right now. When I spoke about compliments earlier, #5 takes the cake!

6. Baggu Ah, the metallic bag. Perfect for spring and summer and adding a dash of sophistication to your ensemble. Plus, lots of room for whatever you need to stash in there!

7. Tiffany Kunz is my favorite jewelry designer. Her pieces are minimalist and beautiful! I could pick anything she sells out of a bag and be totally happy.

8. DL1961 Ok gals, if you want a flattering short, these are for you. These shorts are the “just right” version of Goldilocks. Not too short and not too long. Plus, I’m really feeling the distressed denim lately.

I’m anxiously awaiting to board my plane in the near future and go see Sarah! Can’t wait to be reunited in style and curate some more fun blog content for you. We’d love to hear what your favorite go-to pieces are for spring and summer. Don’t be shy and post a comment below!


Sarah Post

San Francisco, What A Treat…

April 10, 2015

I would love to tell you that this is going to be an awesome post about how to plan a trip to San Francisco. About all the cool, unknown, never-done things that are hiding all over the city, BUT I can’t even remember the name of the super delicious coffee house I fell in love with my last trip, & when I tried to look it up, I got lost in images of decorative foam from various barista artists and just ended up making a list of places I want to go the next time I’m there. That’s what San Francisco is for me. This crazy magical city that I find myself visiting, getting lost in, and exploring every so often, where big things happen to me but the details are always fuzzy, I never do the same thing twice, and it always completely changes my life.

If you read my first post, you already know that Kristina and I are no stranger to the cement trail known as the I-5 that stretches from Oregon through California and beyond. In 2003, as we were each preparing to graduate high school (her in Aberdeen WA, me in Milwaukie OR) we were both becoming more and more depressed that we had committed to different colleges in different states and were on what seemed to be, different life paths. The universe, or the inevitable act of aging, was pulling us apart and we were not happy about it. Naturally, we resisted this sense of separation and decided to go on a memory making road trip together through California. We’d head out the summer after graduation, despite that we had no real plan, we had never traveled alone, and there was a mountain of concerns from our parents. But hey, we had GRADUATED. We were BEST FRIENDS. We were now ADULTS. I was driving a BRONZE HONDA CIVIC. WITH AUTOMATIC SEAT BELTS. NOTHING COULD STOP US.

Turns out, lots of things stopped us. Like not knowing where we were going, having no money, creepy strangers, the AC breaking, and crazed bees that fly into the car and scare you so bad that you both jump out, only to realize the car is still moving, down a hill, towards a cliff. We pulled off stunts we thought we’d only ever see in MacGyver (MacGruber for anyone reading this born after 2006) to make it there and back. Needless to say, we sure did create plenty of memories on that wild trip! And the whole California-wonderland-adventure came to a stop for us in sunny San Francisco.

Walking down Fisherman’s Wharf after arrival, we knew we wanted to stay, so we bartered with an elderly hotel lady for the cheapest rate we could negotiate and then set out to see the city. The doors of the Ghirardelli Chocolate store at Ghirardelli Square must have had our feet pass through them 8 or 20 times, because the lovely sales people would hand you a free chocolate sample upon entry. If the emptiness in our stomachs hadn’t made us want seconds, the emptiness in our wallets encouraged us to the point of making outfit swaps in the restroom just so they’d think we were new patrons and give us more yumminess to shove in our face holes. Which bless their hearts, they did. And so lunch that first day was a combination of chocolate, raspberry, white chocolate, and caramel squares. For this reason, Ghirardelli Square still gets a big thumbs up from us and is definitely something everyone should go do at least once when visiting the city. If you are not a broke 17 year old, you can even buy things there! Like ice cream, and more chocolate.

After the sugar high subsided, we soon realized that other than some candy, people watching and the views, just about nothing else is free in San Francisco (or anywhere really). Choosing to eat dinner rather than ride the ferry to Alcatraz made it pretty clear it was time to hit the road home in the morning. However, we were already addicted to the vibe of the city and the little bits we’d gotten to see, so we vowed to come back together some day.sf, cake on the floor, californiaFast forward more than a decade, and we kept that promise. Kristina had completely spoiled me on my 30th birthday by surprising me with a trip to Palm Springs with friends. It was more than I could have ever asked for, so when it was her turn to blow out the candles later that same year, I certainly didn’t want to disappoint. As I started planning, I couldn’t think of a better place for us to be celebrating this big birthday and all our future plans, than in one of our favorite places from our past. San Francisco round two! And this time, we could actually do stuff!!

To start, we hit up Foreign Cinema for Kristina’s bday dinner. Ambiance was everything you’d want out of a drive-in-movie-theatre meets quaint french bistro, and I believe “Rebel Without A Cause” was playing on the big screen while we dined. After chowing down on delicious dishes and sipping adorable libations with edible flowers floating on top, we headed out to sample a few swanky and casual bars. There were a few gems, but I can only remember Palmer’s Tavern off Fillmore because Kristina had her first REAL martini there! Combine that, its easy vibe, the red leather seats everywhere, and the fun couples we ended up chatting with and it is certainly a spot I’d wander back to. San Francisco served us up a multitude of healthy and hearty appetizers, clever conversationalists to chat with, and carefully constructed cocktails that, all be it left us buzzed, but also well balanced. Thanks to super convenient Uber drivers everywhere, the bartender had barely said “last call” and we were already whisked away back to our hotel. As we tucked into bed that night, we were smitten with the city, and 17 all over again.

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping provided us both with new shoes and coats (and maybe some other stuff, but you don’t need to know how much we shop! Not yet…). And our wandering led us to Washington Square, pizza slices, lattes, Telegraph Hill, touristy photos, and then back to the hotel to get ready for a rock show. I had no idea who “Shovels & Rope” were when I bought the tickets, nor had I ever been to The Fillmore prior to that show (neither had Kristina). Both of those things are now two of my favorite things forever. To say the show was magical doesn’t describe the gritty realness that was also present, and as Kristina and I swayed along with the crowd with tears in our eyes, we knew that San Francisco had given us another major memory and moment to share. I have been back to the Fillmore since, to see “St. Paul And The Broken Bones” and I loved everything about being in that venue all over again. Granted both bands I saw are completely freaking AMAZING live and I would suggest watching either group perform out of a shoe box if you ever have the opportunity, but The Fillmore as a whole has a little piece of my heart.

“Shovels and Rope” t-shirts in hand and smiles smeared across our faces, we headed back to the hotel for our last night of the birthday weekend. Well, it was supposed to be the last night. I mean we had the best intentions. We woke up, ordered breakfast to the room, packed our bags, loaded the car parked in the garage and set out for one last afternoon. Afternoons are tricky things. They so easily turn into happy hours. And when you realize you’re at the ferry terminal during happy hour, well, YOU GET ON A FERRY. The sunset views from our little boat were mesmerizing. Wind whipping us in the face, we laughed and watched with awe as the whole coast we were headed to was swallowed up in the dense San Francisco fog. It was like a scene out of Ghostbusters. Next thing we knew we were wandering off the boat and into the night on Sausalito. We were starving and immediately set up shop at the first Mexican restaurant we stumbled upon. Fun Fact: Kristina LOVES Mexican food! It is one of the main reasons she comes and visits me in California (She swears its to see me, but I know I’m not made of guacamole). Of course I love Mexican food too, and a margarita even better, so I was more than happy to waste away the hours with my bestie at Copita Tequileria Y Comida. We chatted about life and about the weekend and how we didn’t want it to end. How every time we get to spend consistent time together we’re so charged with energy and inspired, and wouldn’t it be great if just some how, some way, we could be neighbors again some day or at least work together…yeah, just work together… We walked back to the ferry, and after two Stella’s and too many ridiculous selfies, we found ourselves back at our hotel lobby, checking back into the exact same room we had checked out of a few hours ago. The next morning we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge and Kristina snapped some pictures as the sun rose. And then just like fog, all of a sudden, all at once, we were gone.

The whole drive back to LAX we talked about how we needed another trip to see each other on the books ASAP. My original plan for the end of the weekend was to drive back through a winery or two and stay a night in Santa Barbara before dropping Kristina off at the airport. But the magnetism of San Francisco had kept us in its clutches, giving us time to settle into all the fun we were having, and by the time we hit the tarmac that last day we knew we couldn’t spend the rest of our lives waiting for 30th birthdays to have fun together. That was the spark that lit the fire that is this blog! San Francisco reminded us that we don’t just create memories for ourselves, but stories we want to share. We vowed to make more time to have adventures together, and to create this space, Cake On The Floor, to share what we discover and learn along the way.

So, in short, what I learned about San Francisco and want to share with you is this: JUST GO. There are so many places to stay, eat, shop and visit with so many things to go and do, that you can’t not have fun or find something to inspire you! Kristina and I will definitely be going back (I wanna S.U.P. under the Golden Gate!) and of course the itinerary wont be the same. Plans or no plans, sometimes you just have to roll with the trip, with the city, with whats moving you at that moment. Because even if your plan falls apart, there are bees in your car, or your cake hits the floor, trips with your best friend will always leave you finding the funny in every fail, and that makes any trip a success.

Xx – Sarah

sf, cake on the floor, california


Sarah Post

We Drove Miles of Country

April 1, 2015

joshua tree cake on the floorjoshua tree cake on the floorjoshua tree cake on the floorjoshua tree cake on the floorLet Me Introduce Ourselves

One great introduction deserves another, so let me introduce to you my lovely, charismatic, uber talented bestest friend Kristina Wunsch! As you may have already read in Kristina’s post, we go way, way, 25 years way back in fact, as best friends.

Kristina and I met when we were about 5 years old, in our home town of Aberdeen WA. We pretty much grew up in a one road in one road out kinda town, where everybody seemed to know your business, the street lights flashed yellow at 6pm, and everybody ended up dating each other for lack of other options. Try not to be jealous.

I think Kristina and I started planning our escape within our first few years of mischief together. We plotted many businesses and life strategies, perfectly outlined our neighboring houses and best friend future husbands, and never really needed anybody as long as we had one another. We knew we  were going to do grand things, succeed, and do it all laughing together! But we were like 10 and super optimistic and didn’t realize how much life can throw you. TO THE GROUND.

I dreamed my whole childhood of the life I would have outside of Aberdeen, but when my parents told me in 8th grade that we were moving to Oregon, I thought I died. And in many ways, I did. Everything I knew changed. Friends fell to the way side, my family went through intense struggles, and I was honestly terrified. Being the “new girl” was not the cool Disney movie I was hoping it could be, and I experienced some of the most difficult experiences of my life. But through all the craziness, all the inconsistencies, my best friend one state away, Kristina, was more there for me than ever.

Somehow, at 12 years old, we decided that distance didn’t matter to us, and we acted like nothing had changed. Letters, care packages, and lots and lots of phone calls turned into the internet, drivers licenses, homecomings, summer trips together and graduation. We were there for every major eventfor one another. And even though college wasn’t in the cards for us to attend together, we went on one last hurrah road trip through California, which turned out to be foretelling for me as it soon became my home.

Needless to say Kristina isn’t just my BFF, she’s like my spirit animal. I don’t know how I would have made it through my teen/young adult years so confidently without her regular confidence boosts, and I certainly can’t get through a current week without her commentary on my life’s chaos. She’s also pretty extraordinary behind the camera lens and makes our shenanigans and memories look stunning! Our history is rich, full of twists and turns, and is the inspiration for this new adventure of ours, this blog!

Kristina and I love to share our stories with one another, and now we’re excited to share them all with you! The highlights, the messes, the fun, the confusion and everything in between. Everybody wants to have their cake and eat it too, and sometimes that cake hits the floor…but you know, we think its still good.

Xx- Sarah Steele