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Stealing A New York Minute

September 14, 2015

White Girl Rosé, New York, Truffles, Pilates, Cake On The FloorWhite Girl Rosé, New York, Truffles, Pilates, Cake On The FloorWhite Girl Rosé, New York, Truffles, Pilates, Cake On The FloorThe grass is always greener on the other side… of the United States, or at least I imagine it is. It has been said that “The West Coast is the Best Coast”, but how can I be sure? Granted, I was raised in Washington, grew up in Oregon, and have spent the last 12 years of my life posted up in Southern California, so I know a thing or two about the beauty of living on the left side. It is my home, and I cherish it. But, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t regularly fantasize about snagging a red eye from LAX to LaGuardia and never looking back. Something about that Big Apple energy has always called to me (at 13 I proclaimed I would live there, potentially forever), yet other trips, expenses, and life in general have kept me out of the five boroughs. So I’ve made a promise to myself to be sampling a plain slice while trying to identify the bridge-and-tunnel crowd within the next year. Until my flight is booked, I’m taking advantage of the good old internet to bring a little NY flavor to this plain ol SoCal avocado…

1. There was a time when the NY ladies of Sex In The City made the Cosmo the only drink girls knew how to order. In today’s world, you ain’t no lady if you ain’t sipping some sweet Rosé. And in the land of all things Instagram I learned that this past opening summer season there was a shortage of Rosé in the Hampton’s, prompting two of the comedic personalities I follow, @TheFatJewish and @TheBabeWalker, to create the ultimate chic chick drink, White Girl Rosé. Currently, you can only get instant gratification from the sweet pink stuff in New York, or you can be patient like me and have it shipped to your door. When Kristina came to visit me last, I knew it was the prefect moment to crack open a bottle. Our overall review as total non sommeliers; Delicious. Duh. It’s Rosé.

2. I couldn’t very well serve my bestie wine with no snacks, (what kind of hostess do you think I am!?) so I also sent out an order to famed NY bakery and sister to equally famous Momofuku restaurant, Milk Bar. Scrolling the online menu for Milk had me straight drooling on my keyboard. Between compost cookies, crack pie, and salted pretzel cake, I finally decided to go with their celeb complimented cake truffles. HOLY HEAVEN IN A MOUTH BITE. These little bad boys are no joke! Rich, decadent, and just down right delicious, the Birthday Cake Truffles were a huge win. And it wasn’t even anybody’s birthday. Before you jump on their site, BE WARNED: They have a monthly subscription service that you will want to sign up for.

3. Now how do I justify my slightly excessive intake of vino and confections with a totally adult lady metabolism, you ask??? Pilates of course!! As an instructor and very passionate promoter of Pilates, part of my biggest draw to NY City is that it is the U.S. birth place of my beloved practice. Around 1925 Joseph Pilates left his home country of Germany and met his wife, Clara, on the boat to New York City. Once they arrived they established the first studio teaching “contrology” on Eighth Avenue at 56th street in Manhattan. Fast forward to today, and there are dozens of Pilates studios speckled all over the city, state, country and world wide. And while there has been a rap-esque East Coast vs. West Coast Pilates beef dating back to the 70’s, I don’t think anyone will throw my LA buns off a reformer when I finally get to go see where it all began. While there are many studios I want to see and be taught at, one new spot stole my edgy heart with their fresh interior, wicked rock inspired T-shirts, and hip-chic-platinum-blonde owner Heather: New York Pilates. And since I can’t sign up for a class just yet, I settled for ordering some online swag to keep me inspired in my own studio. Their limited edition, 80’s rock inspired, Core Cult boyfriend tee is my current obsession! I don’t know what I love more; the skull graphic, the fit, the fact my birth year is on it, or that all the core tried and true Pilates exercises are listed down the back. Maybe I just love that it says “BADASS GREAT BUTT”, but regardless I can’t wait to sweat my face off in it when I take a core cult class in the city that many consider, the capitol of the world.

So watch out city-that-never-supposedly-sleeps because I’ve been taking lots of naps on the beach, gearing up to take the streets by storm! Now who’s coming with me???….

Xx- SarahWhite Girl Rosé, New York, Truffles, Pilates, Cake On The FloorWhite Girl Rosé, New York, Truffles, Pilates, Cake On The Floor, New York Pilates