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January 2016

Kristina Post

Airbnb Getaway

January 31, 2016

Airbnb , Cake On The Floor, Vacation Airbnb , Cake On The Floor, Vacation Airbnb , Cake On The Floor, Vacation Airbnb , Cake On The Floor, Vacation Airbnb , Cake On The Floor, Vacation Airbnb , Cake On The Floor, Vacation When Sarah comes to town I’m happier than an audience member on an Oprah Christmas episode. To make the most of our time together we decided to spend one night in Seattle and get our eat, shop, play, on. For good eats we went to The Barrel Thief, Etta’s, Fremont Coffee Company, and Lowell’s. We also shopped in Fremont at Pipe & Row and basically every boutique on that street. The highlight of the weekend was experiencing our first stay at an Airbnb. If I’m being perfectly honest the reason I chose this over a hotel was cost. A nice hotel downtown with two beds is at least $275.00 for one night and the sweet house we found on Airbnb was $195.00 in comparison. $80.00 is $80.00, so why not save a bit and add to your shopping/eating fund?!

Airbnb was really easy to sign up for. You make an account and then Airbnb verifies you are who you say you are and then you can start messaging hosts. Once I messaged our host, we sorted out the details of when we could check in and any questions I had. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect upon check in. Would our host be cool or creepy? Would the house look like it did online? I am super happy to report everything exceeded our standards. Ryan, our host, was extremely welcoming upon arrival and gave us a tour of the home. We were delighted to find the house was bigger than it appears online. The natural light, high ceilings and wonderful decor made us feel like were staying at a blog worthy friend’s home. What a treat! Parking was easy and always available which was a plus. Rather than feeling like total tourists, our stay made us feel like locals who had a house to come back to. Also, as an added bonus I took all the photos for Sarah’s kickass period post in this house because the light was too good to pass up!

Whether it’s a group of friends or just my hubby and I, I will definitely be using this wonderful option in the future for accommodations. I’ve listed below other places I’m ready to run away to. Who’s coming with me? But, seriously though. Is it vacation time yet?

Here is a little more about Airbnb: Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

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And yes, Joshua Tree is listed twice because I couldn’t decide which house I’d rather stay at. They both look amazing!


Sarah Post

Becoming Babe Worthy

January 5, 2016

“She’s a babe”
“She’s a robo babe”
“In latin, she’d be called Babia Majora”
“If she were a president, she’d be Baberaham Lincoln”

Ahhh, the BABE. In one of Kristina and my favorite cheesy (but CLASSIC) movies Wayne’s World, best friend’s Wayne and Garth spend much of the movie praising babes of all varieties, but none more so than Wayne’s love interest, Cassandra Wong.

Lead singer of the fictitious rock group “Crucial Taunt”, Cassandra could effortlessly sport a red lace body-con dress while wailing on a bass guitar, wasn’t afraid of python accessories, had a bilingual sense of humor and, most importantly, was an independent woman unafraid to speak her mind. Grade-A, megababe material.

But more than being just a pretty face, Cassandra’s secret to giving off that babelicious vibe was ultimately feeling great about herself. As she so correctly pointed out in the movie, Wayne’s good looking ex-girlfriend Stacey had “very nice legs, but no self-esteem.” Going to show that a girl with positive self confidence is the babe guys (and girls) want to hang around.

With the New Year already underway, and an abundance of “feel better about myself” resolutions being splashed all over social media, we thought we’d suggest some of our favorite finds, that we think will help you feel even more like the babe that you already are. From books to beauty treatments, these 5 items are guaranteed to make you feel babe worthy from the inside out:

1. Frank Body Scrub

We don’t know about you, but were totally ready to scrub off 2015 and welcome in the glowing newness of 2016. And since 100% Australian owned and made skincare company, Frank, says “I’ve got a bundle for every babe”, we decided to put his Intsagram famous coffee and chocolate body scrubs to the test. Post rub-down we were delighted by not only the adorable packaging and delicious fragrances, but by the proof-is-in-the-touch results. Loaded in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, there’s no hidden junk in this caffeinated simple skin care, and since it’s “only tested on babes” we feel totally confident you’ll want to become a Frankfurt too.Frank Body Scrub, Cake on the FloorFrank Body Scrub, Cake on the Floor

2. Cocovit Body Oil

Coconut oil was one of the biggest beauty trends of 2015, and for good reason. If you’re not already loving the multipurpose oil’s ability to hydrate everything from you skin to your hair, remove your makeup without irritation, and even whiten your teeth, may we suggest you JUMP ON THE COCONUT TRAIN. Specifically, Cocovit’s. The 100% Organic brand is sourced out of South India, where their farm employs over 30 locals who hand pick the coconuts. Besides keeping their farming local and sustainable (such a babe move), of all the oils I have tried nothing has made my skin feel more silky smooth than Cocovit. Bonus points for hands-down having the best packaging, I love it so much I bought the large container for home and the TSA friendly size for when I’m on the go (like visiting Kristina). Recently, I ordered and tried their orange-basil lip balm and it’s just one more thing to go nuts over.Cocovit Coconut Oil, Cake on the Floor

3. Herbivore Pink Clay Mask

Truly natural, sensorial beauty” is what the brand Herbivore is all about. To us that translates to beautifully bottled and boxed non-toxic, highly effective skin, face, and hair care that has been popping up in trendy boutiques all over the country. With the dry winter season not quite over and it sucking the life out of our faces, we snagged Herbivore’s Pink Hydrating Mask while out shopping in Olympia at LOLA Lifestyle Boutique, slathered on the stuff and soaked in Kristina’s hot-tub, imaging we were warm in Hawaii as it did its work. While we weren’t so sure about the translucent pink cream as we applied it, (“It looks exactly like lotion to match my skin tone…” was Kristina’s accurate description of what we thought would be thick, baby pink masks), once wash off was complete we were smitten. The evening primrose, lavender, calendula, rosehip oil, chamomile and vegan hyaluronic acid formula left our skin feeling as plump and youthful as a newborn babe.Herbivore Pink Clay Mask, Cake on the FloorHerbivore Pink Clay Mask, Cake on the Floor

4. The French Beauty Solution

There are few cultures that could know more about being a babe than the French. Between Coco Chanel, Bridgette Bardot, Audrey Tautou and Eva Green it was a no-brainer to pick up a beauty book by another foxy Frenchie, Mathilde Thomas. Founder of the wine inspired skin-care company Caudalie, The French Beauty Solution is full of Mathilde’s tips and information on how to live life gorgeous. What’s beautiful about this book (besides promoting drinking wine and giving tons of make-at-home beauty recipes) is that the focus is on loving yourself and your body as it is, being gentle to yourself and to your skin, and letting go of the hideous idea we should be young forever and embracing the babeness that can only come with age. While you will get product plugs here and there, this book is worthy of a place on your must-read list and of popping a killer bottle of red to sip while you read.

5. How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life

Feeling good about your outside appearance is one thing, but nothing makes a babe feel better than straight up authentic happiness. I didn’t exactly purchase Russ Roberts book about historic economist Adam Smith, I got it by chance in a curated box of randomness that I ordered through Quarterly. To be honest, had it not been sent to me I probably never would have picked it up. What could be the greatest self-help book that most people have never of, The Theory Of Moral Sentiments, is broken down beautifully by Roberts to create this book, How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life. Overall, it’s a fascinating read on exploring what it truly takes to be happy from a surprisingly current, 300 year old perspective. Fame, fortune, family, friends, how to be loved and be lovely, it poses many well thought questions and suggestions page after page that get you thinking about what those feelings, concepts, and true happiness really mean. A deep, but digestible read that now owns a spot in my library, and one I would gladly gift to any of my babes.Cake On the FloorIf you’ve tried any of our suggestions, or have been a loyal lover of one of these items already, let us know! We’d love your feedback and believe that sharing is caring, so please, let us know your thoughts. Thanks, babe…
Xx- Sarah & Kristina